The Big Six
"The Big Six"

TeleSpan is now offering a series of quarterly reports giving exacting details on the size and growth of the worldwide group videoconferencing market. The series begins each year with four reports, issued quarterly, depicting the sales of at least eight different global manufacturers of group videoconferencing systems. As a bonus, the final quarterly/full yearl report will be delivered to subscribers, containing the same exacting details on the size and growth of the group videoconferencing market, for approximately a dozen manufacturers. The annual report will contain TeleSpan's figures for the total global market for group videoconferencing systems, with an accuracy of over 95%.


TeleSpan, and no other source, has been able to gather sales figures from the world's manufacturers of group videoconferencing systems for more than 17 years. As the market has matured, TeleSpan has worked with manufacturers to gather the data they need for their planning purposes. Without a doubt, TeleSpan is the recognized leader and source of industry data, which its clients use for their planning.

At the request of the leading manufacturers of group videoconferencing systems, TeleSpan reordered its data gathering in 1998 to include new variables, such as average sales price, sales by size of system (large vs. small), and sales by region of world. The reports described here have resulted from this change in data gathering, and now provide manufacturers with details not available in the past.

Details of the Reports:

Each quarterly report provides details on the size and growth of the large and small group videoconferencing market, with additional details on the new pc-centric small group systems. In the quarterly reports, quarter-to-quarter comparisons are made, with cumulative data reported beginning with the second quarterly report. The report details the following areas in text, charts and figures:

• Total Group Unit Sales, Quarter-to-Quarter Comparison
• Total Group Revenues, Quarter-to-Quarter Comparison
• Unit Sales by System Size, Large Group vs. Small Group vs. PC-Centric Small Group
• Direct Revenues to Manufacturers by System Size
• Average Sales Price, Large, Small Group & PC-Centric Small Group Systems
• Regional Breakdown of Unit Sales of Large Group Systems
• Regional Breakdown of Revenues from Large Group Systems Sales
• Regional Breakdown of Unit Sales of Small Group Systems
• Regional Breakdown of Revenues from Small Group Systems Sales
• Regional Breakdown of Unit Sales of PC-Centric Small Group Systems
• Regional Breakdown of Revenues from PC-Centric Small Group Systems Sales

The annual report sums up the entire year's results for the companies contributing data each quarter. In addition, TeleSpan adds the results of other manufacturers, to account for fully 95% of the sales of group videoconferencing systems worldwide, providing an analysis of the global market.

Additional Features for Data Contributors:

Companies contributing data to TeleSpan's quarterly reports receive their market share in all areas where they have made sales and contributed data. These market share data include, for example, the unit and revenues shares of large and group sales. Companies which contribute data, and therefore obtain their market share data, may quote their market shares, at no additional cost, after receiving permission from TeleSpan.

Fees & Rights:

Individual subscriptions to TeleSpan's Group Videoconferencing Industry Reports cost $1,977. Individual subscriptions may not be copied under any circumstances. Company-wide subscriptions cost $3,977 and allow companies to copy and distribute all reports internally.

Quarterly reports are not sold separately. All reports are copyrighted by TeleSpan Publishing Corporation.

Ordering Information:

To order, fill out the accompanying order form or send a fax to TeleSpan at +1-626-797-2035 with your name and company address, the type of subscription you are ordering, and billing information or a charge card number and expiration date.


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