Japan Report '02
Report on the Conferencing Market in Japan 2002: A Report from TeleSpan Publishing Corporation and Keisuke Hashimoto, TeleconferencingNOW, May 2002

The Japanese Market for Teleconferencing

The Japanese market continues to grow for conference calls and videoconferencing. Conference calls and videoconferencing equipment sales continued to grow last year at double-digit rates even as the economy has not. With this opportunity, Keisuke Hashimoto, TeleSpan’s Contributing Editor, Pacific Rim, has prepared a comprehensive, 45-page report, available now.

The Report

The 45-page report returns its value just in the listing of the 43 different manufacturers, service providers, and distributors doing business in Japan today. The report provides not only the URLs to each company, but also a matrix showing what product and service areas they are in, and who their partners are. For outsiders, the description of the six different NTT companies allows those outside of Japan to better understand the landscape and whom to talk to when looking for partnerships.

The report has 12 tables and figures providing a comprehensive look at the growth of all forms of communications in Japan, from mobile to ISDN and IP.

Simply put, if you’re going to do business in Japan, TeleSpan and TeleconferencingNOW’s annual report on Japan is a must read each year.


TeleSpan is selling single copies of the 2002 report for $250.00 (sent as a non-printable Adobe PDF), and company-wide copies of the report for $750 (sent as a printable Adobe PDF).

Subscribers who purchased a single copy of the 2000 report will have the full payment applied toward the $250 single-use price for the 2002 report, or may apply the credit toward the company-wide report. Subscribers who purchased the company-wide report in 2000 will have the full payment applied towards the $750 company-wide price for the 2002 report.

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